• Use this box to plan what you'll say. "Blasey" is pronounced "Blahzee".

  • If you want to add something in the middle part: speak from the heart, but don't make it about yourself. Examples of things to say:

  • If you have paper handy, write #IBelieveChristine on it or print this out.

  • Use the camera app on your phone to record a 10-to-30-second video of yourself. It doesn't have to be polished; short and simple is great!

  • Share your video to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (or all three). If you're posting to Facebook, please check the sharing settings and make your post public to reach the widest audience.

  • Use this text in your post. Include this hashtag, and tag a few friends (or public figures) you think should participate.

    If you do too, join me in speaking up at ibelievechristine.com.
    Hey, @friend1 @friend2 @friend3, let's do this.


Here are some examples: